100. Head of King Userkaf Fifth Dynasty, reign of Userkaf Red granite H. 75 cm (29 5/8 in.) Egyptian Museum, Cairo JE 52501 This imposing head of Userkaf, first king […]

21. Colossal Head Late Third or early Fourth Dynasty Red granite H. 54.3 cm (2103/8 in.); w. 29 cm (11 1/2 in.) Brooklyn Museum of Art, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund […]

1. Wall Decoration from the Funerary Apartments of King Djoser. Third Dynasty, reign of Djoser Blue-green Egyptian faience H. 113 cm (44 1/2 in); w. 73.7 cm (29 in) The […]

Carpentry and furniture manufacture were among the earliest trades plied in ancient Egypt, and by the Old Kingdom woodworking had become a well-developed craft practiced by accomplished artisans. The elegant […]

By the beginning of the Middle Kingdom the royal temples of the Pyramid Age had already started to fall into decay.1 What remained was often dismantled under the Ramesside kings […]