Catalogue: Fifth Dynasty

100. Head of King Userkaf Fifth Dynasty, reign of Userkaf Red granite H. 75 cm (29 5/8 in.) Egyptian Museum, Cairo JE 52501 This imposing head of Userkaf, first king […]

Catalogue: Fourth Dynasty

21. Colossal Head Late Third or early Fourth Dynasty Red granite H. 54.3 cm (2103/8 in.); w. 29 cm (11 1/2 in.) Brooklyn Museum of Art, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund […]

Catalogue: Third Dynasty

1. Wall Decoration from the Funerary Apartments of King Djoser. Third Dynasty, reign of Djoser Blue-green Egyptian faience H. 113 cm (44 1/2 in); w. 73.7 cm (29 in) The […]

Furniture of the Old Kingdom

Carpentry and furniture manufacture were among the earliest trades plied in ancient Egypt, and by the Old Kingdom woodworking had become a well-developed craft practiced by accomplished artisans. The elegant […]

Royal reliefs

By the beginning of the Middle Kingdom the royal temples of the Pyramid Age had already started to fall into decay.1 What remained was often dismantled under the Ramesside kings […]