Conflicto palestino: sin novedad

O al menos eso se deprende del discurso pronunciado hoy por Olmer en el Knesset. Estos son algunos de los párrafos que atañen al conflicto:

No se construirán nuevos asentamientos y las colonias más dispersas se abandonarán, pero se trasladará a miles de colonos a grandes colonias cercanas a la llamada "Línea Verde".

Therefore, we must focus on the area in which a Jewish majority is secured and ensured. The disengagement from the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria was an essential first step in this direction, but the main part is still ahead. The continued dispersed settlement throughout Judea and Samaria creates an inseparable mixture of populations which will endanger the existence of the State of Israel as a Jewish state. It is those who believe, as I do, in Jabotinsky’s teachings and in full civil equality between Jews and Arabs, who must understand that partition of the land for the purpose of guaranteeing a Jewish majority is the lifeline of Zionism. I know how hard it is, especially for the settlers and those faithful to Eretz Yisrael, but I am convinced, with all my heart, that it is necessary and that we must do it with dialogue, internal reconciliation and broad consensus.

La soberanía de estos "grandes centros" no se cuestiona: siempre formarán parte del Estado israelí.

This does not mean that the settlement enterprise was entirely in vain. On the contrary. The achievements of the settlement movement in its major centers will forever be an inseparable part of the sovereign State of Israel, with Jerusalem as our united capital. Let us come together around this consensus and turn it into a uniting political and moral fact

O la Autoridad Palestina negocia a partir de la Hoja de Ruta, respeta los acuerdos ya firmados y se olvida de atentados o... no hay trato:

«From this podium, I again address the elected President of the Palestinian Authority, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas. The Government of Israel under my leadership prefers negotiations with a Palestinian Authority committed to the principles of the Roadmap, which fights terror, dismantles terrorist organizations, abides by the rules of democracy and upholds, practically and thoroughly, all agreements which have thus far been signed with the State of Israel. Negotiation with such an Authority is the most stable and desired basis for the political process, which can lead to an agreement which will bring peace. This is what we desire».

Mientras Hamas practique el terrorismo, Olmer se niega a dialogar con ellos:

«A Palestinian government led by terrorist factions will not be a partner for negotiation, and we will not have any practical or day-to-day relations».

Aún más: perseguirán a los terroristas allá donde se encuentren (léase asesinatos selectivos). Eso sí, les dan una oportunidad:

«The State of Israel is prepared to wait for this necessary change in the Palestinian Authority. We will closely follow the conduct of the Authority. We will continue to strike at terror and terrorists. We will not hesitate to reach terrorists, their dispatchers and operators anywhere - I repeat - anywhere, but we will give the Authority an opportunity to prove that it is aware of its responsibilities and willing to change».

Y deja una puerta abierta:

«That said, we will not wait forever. The State of Israel does not want, nor can it suspend the fateful decisions regarding its future - until the Palestinian Authority succeeds in implementing the commitments it undertook in the past. If we reach the conclusion that the Authority is dawdling and is not planning to engage in serious, substantial and fair negotiation - we will act in other ways».

La de cal: las fronteras cambiarán.

«The State of Israel will invest its resources in areas which will be an organic part of it. The borders of Israel, which will be defined in the coming years will be significantly different from the areas controlled by the State of Israel today».

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