Gothic: Art for England 1400-1547

Exposición en el «Victoria & Albert Museum» de Londres que reúne cerca de 300 tesoros artísticos (*) de una época narrada por Shakespeare en La tragedia del rey Ricardo III.

(*) Recurso desaparecido. Solo disponible en Web Archive.

Heraldic glass. About 1537-1542

Heraldic glass. About 1537-1542

These panels are part of a series commissioned by Sir Edmund Knightley for the great hall at Fawsley. The heraldry stresses his own ancestry but also the more aristocratic pedigree of his wife, a sister of the Earl of Oxford. Glass of this detail and complexity could only be made by the most skilled workshops.

Stained and painted glass
Formerly at Fawsley Hall, Northamptonshire
With the arms of Sir Edmund Knightley impaling De Vere; also the shield of De Vere impaling De Quincey

Glasgow Museums: The Burrell Collection

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