Paula Rego

Snow White Playing with her Father's Trophies 1995 Pastel on paper, mounted on aluminium
Snow White Playing with her Father's Trophies 1995 Pastel on paper, mounted on aluminium

Paula Rego is one of the most celebrated and , I would suggest, problematic artists currently working in Britain. She has continually renewed her practice, which has included the cut, paste and painted collages of the 1950s and 60s, the animal pictures of the 80s which developed into the more grounded grand compositions, the large pastels through to the present obsessive fixation with working directly from the observed experience, in order to delve into her imagination. While many contemporary artists, especially women, have embraced new media and processes to discover a personal visual language, Rego has steadfastly engaged herself within the complexities of traditional practice, seeking to take on the challenge of painting. Parallel to this, she has produced a profound body of work as a printmaker, the subject of this retrospective, in which once again she works within established modes of practice, in her case predominantly intaglio and more recently lithography. Her prints shadow the changes and innovations within her practice as a painter, while always retaining an exploration of the very special qualities of light and dark that is particular to the medium. Her pressing concern is to tell a story, everything else is subordinate to this end. In her Graphic work, as in her painting, Rego is a great storyteller who both persuasively and subversively seizes you at the first encounter, and then keeps a relentless grip on your mind and senses until she has finished her complex, infinitely subtle and reverberating tales.— Tom Rosenthal (citado por Paul Coldwell en About Paula Rego and her art).

Una completísima muestra de esta artista en The Saatchi Gallery.

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