The art of Romare Bearden

Famoso por sus collages, este artista combina historia, música y literatura en una obra autobiográfica y metafórica.

In a 1969 article, "Rectangular Structure in my Montage Paintings," Bearden explained his approach in making collages: "In most instances in creating a picture, I use many disparate elements to form a figure, or part of a background....I feel that when some photographic detail, such as a hand or an eye, is taken out of its original context and is fractured and integrated into a different space and form configuration, it acquires a plastic quality it did not have in the original....”
Romare Bearden, Pittsburgh Memory, 1964

Romare Bearden, Pittsburgh Memory, 1964
collage of printed papers with graphite on cardboard
Collection of halley k harrisburg and Michael Rosenfeld, New York

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