Videojuegos, pandemia y nostalgia

Mixtape for the Milky Way - Video Games

Video credits : Directed and animated by @ericpowerup
Piano, synths, production by @John Mark Nelson // Lyrics and vocals by jeremy messersmith
Instagram: @jeremymessersmith // @mixtapeforthemilkyway
Twitter: @jmessersmith // @forthemilkyway


when i was young i played video games
castles and dungeons and damsels to save
every night in the dark i would play
i played on a flickering color tv
i played with my forehead pressed up to the screen
and i played until i would catch fire

and for a little while i knew that i couldn't lose
nothing in the world could tear me away

when i grew up i played video games
in basement apartments and empty arcades
and i learned it was all just a joke
there were no kingdoms or damsels to free
no guardian angels that i'd ever seen
and no gods but the ones that we make

but for a little while i knew that i'd never lose
nothing in the world could tear me away

life isn't much like a video game
sometimes it’s hard and there's nowhere to save
and you can't start it over again
so every day i play video games
i guess i don't know what you want me to say
i just don't want to cry anymore

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