El mundo animal como referencia para la arquitectura: Zoomorphic (*) presents a startling new trend in architecture - buildings that look like animals. Animal resemblances arise for various reasons. An architect may wish to create a symbol, as architects have always done. Or, there may be a functional explanation for why a building comes to share elements of its design with that of some living creature.


In 1998, the architects Wilkinson Eyre were asked to design a warehouse for a dull retail park. Their initial thought was to make an eye-catching, amorphous 'blob' of a building. But the cost soon forced the architects to move to a perfectly round building. The squashed spherical shape soon began to resemble a sea urchin. As in a sea urchin, it is symmetry that permits the use of repeated, identical structural components. Wilkinson Eyre chose to accentuate the similarity by inserting small spacers at regular intervals between the building's outer cladding and the waterproof membrane below, giving the building its pimply appearance.

(*) Recurso desaparecido. Solo disponible en Web Archive.

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