Viernes, 5 de agosto de 2005

Ed Moloney is the author, most recently, of A Secret History of the I.R.A. (NEW YORK TIMES, 05/08/05).

Most people in Northern Ireland, in the Irish Republic or among Irish-Americans hope that last week’s statement by the Irish Republican Army ending its armed campaign against British rule of Northern Ireland and embracing only peaceful and democratic methods is truly the «step of unparalleled magnitude» that Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain claims to see.

Yet there are good reasons to be cautious. The I.R.A.’s words are welcome, but there’s an old Irish saw applicable here, which says that fine words butter no parsnips.…  Seguir leyendo »

Ed O’Connell, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, is a senior research analyst at Rand Corp. working in Iraq and the Middle East (WASHINGTON POST, 05/08/05).

Touring a print shop downtown last summer, I tried to draw out one of the workers, a shy boy of 17 or so, about his daily life. Head down and hands behind his back, he spoke of the searing emptiness facing Iraqi youth; there are no discos, few cafes and little opportunity to interact with the opposite sex. His parents had banned visits to the local mosque after work, for fear he might be recruited by insurgents.…  Seguir leyendo »