Martes, 14 de agosto de 2007

By Dave Steward, executive director of the FW de Klerk Foundation and director-general in the office of President FW de Klerk and secretary of the cabinet from 1992 -1994 (THE GUARDIAN, 14/08/07):

Chris McGreal reports that the death of «five sleeping teenage boys» who «were shot by a military hit squad days before FW de Klerk received his Nobel peace prize» have returned to haunt the former South African president, who has consistently denied knowledge of «assassinations, bombings and torture against the regime’s opponents» (Apartheid-era murder of sleeping teenagers returns to haunt De Klerk, August 6).De Klerk did authorise the attack.…  Seguir leyendo »

By Anne Applebaum (THE WASHINGTON POST, 14/08/07):

Famously, Margaret Thatcher hated holidays. Even when persuaded to take a brief one in Salzburg, the British prime minister could hardly bear the enforced relaxation. Upon hearing that Helmut Kohl was vacationing at a nearby Austrian lake, she called to request bilateral talks with her German counterpart. Kohl, who couldn’t bear Thatcher, claimed to be ill, or so the story goes. She went anyway — and promptly ran into Kohl, eating a large ice cream at an outdoor cafe.

Fast-forward a couple of decades. Nowadays world leaders vacationing within a 500-mile radius of one another don’t have spontaneous meetings, with or without ice cream.…  Seguir leyendo »

By Simon Tisdall (THE GUARDIAN, 14/08/07):

Sporadic gang violence, rape, and arson attacks following the appointment of a new government in East Timor have underscored the country’s continuing fragility eight years after the international community, improvising on a theme developed by Tony Blair, intervened to end Indonesian control.

As with other noted «humanitarian interventions» in Kosovo and Sierra Leone during the same period, Timor is seriously unfinished business – but it no longer enjoys the political attention that briefly made it an international cause celebre. As a result, the nation-building agenda laid out following formal independence in 2002 remains as daunting as ever, and may yet fail.…  Seguir leyendo »