Jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2008

For all their agreement on matters such as Afghanistan and defense spending, President-elect Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates are on record disagreeing over a central matter for U.S. security: the future of nuclear weapons.

The issue is whether the United States should build the "reliable replacement warhead," a matter that has major ramifications for all U.S. nuclear policy, including whether to ratify the comprehensive treaty banning nuclear tests and whether we will be able to work with other countries to stem proliferation.

The reliable replacement warhead, known as the RRW, which Congress has refused to fund despite repeated requests from the Bush administration, would not require nuclear testing -- in contrast to today's high-performance designs with their low margins for error.…  Seguir leyendo »

Remember on election night, when pundits on cable news shows shouted to the mountaintops about this moment in history? Remember that strangers were hugging each other in the streets? This was the moment, we declared, when we as a nation and as a people had at last overcome.

Yes, this election proved that if any person works hard enough, she or he can become anything, even leader of the most powerful country on Earth. Welcome to post-racial America!

But don't celebrate just yet. We have a long way to go to achieve real change. You see, this month, only two miles from where Barack Obama will live and serve as the 44th president of the United States, a young black man was gunned down in Adams Morgan.…  Seguir leyendo »