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By Mary Kenny, the author of 'Germany Calling: A Personal Biography of William Joyce - Lord Haw-Haw' (THE TIMES, 17/11/06):

THE WORD “fascist” is thrown around lightly these days, either as a catch-all boo-word, or parcelled indiscriminately with “racist”. After the acquittal of Nick Griffin, Peter Hain described the British National Party as “racist and fascist”, a common portmanteau expression. But this is sloppy thinking, and a loss to the distinction in language.

A Fascist may be a racist but he is not necessarily so; a racist is not always a Fascist either. The Spanish dictator Franco was a Fascist but not a racist: in the 1930s, the left-wing New Statesman disparaged Franco as a “negrophile” (he employed Moroccan troops with gusto).…  Seguir leyendo »