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Our democracy was attacked in 2016’s presidential election. Now it’s up to our country’s leaders to name who was responsible, find out how we were so vulnerable, and stand together – as Democrats and Republicans – to show we will do all we can to ensure we are secure going forward.

This attack came without a shot fired or a bomb dropped; instead, America’s longstanding tradition of having free and fair elections was hacked by a foreign actor, with all evidence indicating Russia’s responsibility. The attack was electronic, almost invisible.

But to just chalk this up to information-era antics, or to shrug it off because the attack helped the candidate of your choice, is to deem this behavior acceptable – and to cede control of our future elections to the most aggressive meddlers.…  Seguir leyendo »

US Defense Under Secretary for Intelligence Marcel Lettre, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers testifying before the Senate, Washington, D.C., January 5, 2017. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

After months of anticipation, speculation, and hand-wringing by politicians and journalists, American intelligence agencies have finally released a declassified version of a report on the part they believe Russia played in the US presidential election. On Friday, when the report appeared, the major newspapers came out with virtually identical headlines highlighting the agencies’ finding that Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered an “influence campaign” to help Donald Trump win the presidency—a finding the agencies say they hold “with high confidence.”

A close reading of the report shows that it barely supports such a conclusion. Indeed, it barely supports any conclusion. There is not much to read: the declassified version is twenty-five pages, of which two are blank, four are decorative, one contains an explanation of terms, one a table of contents, and seven are a previously published unclassified report by the CIA’s Open Source division.…  Seguir leyendo »

People walk in Red Square, with St. Basil’s Cathedral seen in the background, in central Moscow, Feb. 6, 2015. (Maxim Zmeyev/Reuters)

With so much attention on how Russia tried to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election, it’s easy to forget that Russia had its own election in 2016. And that election, too, has had its democratic legitimacy questioned.

Our new research using election forensics techniques suggests that the 2016 Duma (legislative) election had the largest magnitude of fraud under Putin’s presidencies since 2000. What’s more, we suspect that the Russian government may have deliberately manipulated some results — in ways that show they’ve been reading papers on detecting election frauds!

Metaphorically, we suspect the Russians may be giving us the statistical finger.…  Seguir leyendo »

“I came, I falsified, I won” read an ironic poster with an image of Julius Caesar that I saw in the hands of a demonstrator who had come out to protest the rigging of the recent parliamentary elections. And there were tens of thousands of such demonstrators.

Incredible in scale, the mass demonstration last Saturday on Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square, within sight of the Kremlin, can be called, without exaggeration, the Bolotnaya Revolution. It’s not just the name of the square (boloto means swamp in Russian). The fact is that for some years now we have been in a political swamp.

A swamp, of course, is better than the Gulag, but you still want to get out of it.…  Seguir leyendo »

I sensed something was different when a good friend of mine, Katya Vladyshevskaya, the mother of a beautiful 4-year-old, called me a month ago and asked if becoming an election monitor made any sense. Well, yes, I said, why not, it should be a good thing.

But as we talked, I was struck by the very idea of a young person — not a journalist, not a civic activist, not one of the usual suspects, in other words — becoming actively interested in the electoral process.

It was not just talk. Katya actually became a monitor. She spent 15 hours on Sunday at a Moscow polling station, where she witnessed barefaced fraud by the station’s head and tried to lodge a formal complaint.…  Seguir leyendo »