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Residents of Gouves on the Greek island of Evia watch as wildfires spread towards their homes. Photograph: Ayman Oghanna/Getty Images

After the second world war, Greece’s countryside experienced two debilitating human surges – an exodus of villagers, then a most peculiar human invasion of its fringes. These two surges, aided by a weak state and abetted by the climate crisis, have turned the low-level drama of naturally redemptive forest fires into this summer’s heart-wrenching catastrophe.

After heatwaves of unprecedented longevity, wildfires across the summer months have so far destroyed more than 100,000 hectares (250,000 acres) of ancient pine forests. They have blackened swathes of Attica, scorched parts of ancient Olympia and obliterated north Evia’s magnificent forests – whose rural communities lost their homes, not to mention their livelihoods and landscapes.…  Seguir leyendo »

The Fires in Greece Are a Terrifying Warning

Six years after finding themselves at the forefront of Europe’s political crisis over refugees, thousands of Greeks are now refugees in their own country.

On July 21, a small wildfire began burning over the northern half of Evia, an island around 30 miles northeast of Athens. Over the next 20 days — most of which exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or 38 degrees Celsius — it swelled into a vast conflagration, sweeping from one coastline of Evia to another and racking up a staggering balance sheet of damage: 120,000 acres of burned forest, hundreds of millions of euros in economic loss, and the wholesale evacuation of dozens of villages and thousands of islanders.…  Seguir leyendo »

L'histoire semble tragiquement se répéter en Grèce, avec, pour l'instant heureusement, des conséquences moins dramatiques que les incendies de l'été 2007 : des dizaines de morts s'ajoutaient alors aux milliers de maisons anéanties, aux centaines de milliers d'hectares de forêts, de cultures, de vignes et d'oliviers détruits par les flammes, et au site sacré d'Olympie menacé.

Mais ici, c'est la capitale, le coeur du système social et spatial du pays qui est atteint, renvoyant déjà le Parthénon au rougeoiement inquiétant des montagnes enflammées plus qu'à l'écrin de verre et d'acier du nouveau musée de l'Acropole inauguré en juin. Sur la terre méditerranéenne, où la beauté côtoie toujours la tragédie, le feu apporte sa touche prométhéenne de fureur dévastatrice infernale.…  Seguir leyendo »