Buscador avanzado

The Mediterranean Sea, cradle of our civilization, is becoming a deathbed for thousands of nameless, desperate men, women and children. These people had lives full of pain, despair and hope, which led them to become victims of human trafficking. The voices of mothers who lost their children at sea will haunt our consciences. We must stop this carnage.

After the latest incident — more than 800 migrants traveling between Libya and Italy perished last weekend after their boat capsized — European leaders, who are convening Thursday at my request, must revamp our response to the increase in illegal migration and human trafficking across Africa and the Mediterranean before the next tragedy.…  Seguir leyendo »

“I don’t know how many more people need to die at sea before something gets done,” said Malta’s prime minister, Joseph Muscat. “As things stand we are building a cemetery within our Mediterranean Sea.”

He was talking about the part of the Mediterranean between the North African coast and the two islands that are the closest bits of the European Union: the Italian island of Lampedusa and his own country, Malta. In the past two weeks, almost as many migrants have died in that narrow stretch of water — only 120 km separate Tunisia’s coast from Lampedusa — as died along the U.S.-Mexico…  Seguir leyendo »