Aaron Bastani

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Road work in Aberdeen, Scotland. Carillion, Britain’s second-largest construction company and an emblem of public sector reforms, recently went into liquidation. The magnitude of the consequences could be huge. Credit Russell Cheyne/Reuters

Last Monday Carillion, a Wolverhampton-based infrastructure and facilities management company, went into liquidation. The company has become an emblem of Britain’s public sector reforms over the last two decades, and its collapse represents a signal moment for the country.

The result of a demerger in 1999, the company became Britain’s second-biggest construction company with high-profile building projects including the Tate Modern, the Royal Opera House — and even the Channel Tunnel. But its operations did not stop there: Through a succession of mergers, Carillion moved into services and management. Rail tracks, hospitals, schools, prisons and military homes all fell within its capacious purview.…  Seguir leyendo »