Aaron Fruh

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Whatever Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is carrying in her attache case as she visits Egypt this weekend, it won't be nearly enough to begin to fix what ails the U.S.-Egyptian relationship.

Beneath the "isn't democracy wonderful (and messy)" platitudes emanating from the State Department, and the diplomatic smiles and niceties surrounding Clinton's visit, three fundamental contradictions are likely to keep America's ties with Egypt in the doldrums for some time to come. We should face up to them sooner rather than later.

First, the democracy problem. The last 18 months witnessed not so much a revolution in Egypt as a regime reconstitution married to a historic opening up of the political system.…  Seguir leyendo »

I remember the day in my senior year of high school in the San Francisco Bay area when my best friend told me he was gay. I was stunned. I remained close to my friend during the rest of that school year and summer until we parted ways for separate colleges and life journeys. Today I have gay friends with whom I openly and freely discuss my faith. I do not consider myself to be homophobic. Why then do I think same-sex marriage is a really, really bad idea?

If I were counseling a married couple who were about to break their marriage vows by agreeing to an open marriage, I would tell them that adultery is a bad idea.…  Seguir leyendo »