Abdulkarim Ekzayez

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Civil defence members remove the remnants of a rocket on the outskirts of Douma in February. Photo: Getty Images

Only days after a supposed ceasefire was declared in eastern Ghouta, at least 100 people were reportedly killed, and many more injured, by what appears to be a chemical attack in Douma city.

Local medical sources reported more than 500 cases with symptoms indicative of poisoning by a chemical agent. The symptoms are consistent with an organophosphorous compound, which is the basis of sarin and other nerve agents. Some reports also suggest that the weapon may have contained chlorine.

The already shattered health system in Douma city struggled to manage this mass causality incident: it was difficult to identify the exact chemical used and the sparse medical supplies there were insufficient to treat injuries and reverse neurological symptoms.…  Seguir leyendo »

A damaged ambulance in front of Arbin Hospital in eastern Ghouta after an airstrike. Photo: Getty Images.

Over the past week, eastern Ghouta – home to more than 400,000 people – has been the target of an unprecedented offensive by the Syrian regime and its allies. In less than two days, about 200 civilians were killed in continuous airstrikes, shelling and bombing that has destroyed civilian infrastructure, making the residents even more vulnerable.

Five health facilities were attacked during this offensive, and there is precedent to believe the strikes on healthcare infrastructure are deliberate and strategic, rather than collateral damage. Health facilities in opposition-controlled areas in Syria have been under fire since the beginning of the conflict, suffering more than 492 attacks.…  Seguir leyendo »