Abdullah Shihipar

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A memorial near the site of a fatal shooting at a Quebec City mosque in January 2017. (Mathieu Belanger/Reuters)

To those who don’t reside here, Canada can seem like somewhat of an enigma. In a world where intolerance and hate seem to be spreading and are endorsed by those in power, Canada has served as the Western world’s city upon a hill. Seemingly immune to the forces of right-wing populism, the country boasts about its welcoming of Syrian refugees, and is led by a handsome prime minister, Justin Trudeau, who has openly called himself a feminist. When Donald Trump was elected, Americans flocked to Canada’s immigration website, causing it to crash within a few hours. Lately however, some Canadians have called into question the country’s image of tranquility; raising the alarm about the rising danger of Islamophobia.…  Seguir leyendo »