Abraham Rabinovich

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The Israeli paratroopers poking through a storeroom filled with weapons on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount that day — June 7, 1967 — let out a small cheer when they came upon a crate of soft drinks. Slaking their thirst for the first time since breaking into the Old City, they chatted with me, an American journalist, about the war’s likely fallout.

Despite the bewildering pace of events since the war began two days earlier, the soldiers had plainly given thought to its political implications. “We should keep all the territory we capture,” said one. “They started this war.” He was speaking of the Sinai and the West Bank; the battle on the Syrian front hadn’t yet begun.…  Seguir leyendo »

For five years, the image of captured soldier Gilad Shalit returning home has been the national daydream in Israel, engraved on T-shirts and bumper stickers and graffiti in every town and hamlet in the country. Now that it is actually about to happen, that daydream is seen to be embedded in a nightmare. The public understands that as Sgt. Shalit walks in the front door to be embraced by family and friends, 1,027 killers who have been broken out of high-security prisons, will be setting up camp in the backyard.

Hamas received the bulk of what it has demanded since Sgt.…  Seguir leyendo »

Another major border dispute has broken out between Israel and Lebanon, one that offers each country the choice of sharing prosperity or inflicting on each other an economic catastrophe. The Israeli Cabinet on Sunday approved the coordinates of an exclusive economic zone delineating waters up to 200 nautical miles off its coast in which it claims oil and gas exploration rights. The borders of the area overlap with those submitted by the Lebanese government six months ago to the United Nations in delineating its own claims for an exclusive economic zone. The overlap area in dispute consists of about 5.8 square miles.…  Seguir leyendo »

For many Israelis following events in Cairo over the past two weeks, it has been like watching the attractive girl next door flowering into a ravishing beauty at the very moment she makes it clear that the affair is over. In truth, it has always been a one-way affair, but in the post-Mubarak era, it will be more difficult to sustain the illusion that one day Egypt might smile back.

After engaging in a fierce war along the Suez Canal in 1973, Israelis wasted little time when a peace treaty was signed before chucking their uniforms and invading the Nile Valley as tourists.…  Seguir leyendo »