Adam Cathcart

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Since becoming President, Donald Trump has, at times, looked like a wrecking ball to the international order.

But when it comes to North Korea, he may be forced to operate within the narrow constraints of his predecessors.

President Obama famously decided that the best way of dealing with the autocracy was with a policy of "strategic patience". In practice, this meant strengthening sanctions and waiting for North Korea to decide itself that halting its nuclear program would be prudent.

Some members of the President's Republican Party have previously argued for a more forceful response to North Korean aggression.

Others have advocated the drawing of a red line, telling North Korea explicitly that any intercontinental ballistic missile would be blown up on the launch pad.…  Seguir leyendo »

North Korea has carried out its fifth nuclear test, and Kim Jong Un is smiling.

After a breathtaking run of missile and nuclear tests this year, the North Korean leader is now promising.

With the country's nuclear potential seemingly realer than ever, Pyongyang television sets are relentlessly beaming out the image of their Supreme Leader's grinning visage.

There's no escaping the fact that Kim Jong Un's North Korea presents a complex challenge to a fragmenting world.

Why did the test happen now? What is North Korea hoping to get out of it?

While there is a huge amount of bluster and untruth spun out of Pyongyang, sometimes when North Korean state organs talk, they mean precisely what they say.…  Seguir leyendo »