Ahmed Maher

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John Kerry’s widely quoted statement about Egypt’s Jan. 25, 2011, revolution — that it was sparked by the youth and “stolen” by the Muslim Brotherhood — is infuriating. Not because it’s not true but because it ignores the more recent fact that many of the young people who sparked the revolution are now jailed for defending democracy and human rights.

Yes, Mr. Kerry , we all know that the 2011 revolution was sparked by the youth and stolen by the Brotherhood. And we agree with you that the Brotherhood ruled Egypt ineffectively, with stupidity, stubbornness and greed. No one disagrees with that.…  Seguir leyendo »

Egyptian media outlets have been circulating the news that the U.S. Congress passed a law that would allow the Obama administration to continue sending military aid to Egypt despite its military coup last summer and the massacres and human rights violations that have followed.

Egyptian state media are proudly interpreting the legislation as U.S. acceptance of the new situation in Egypt, as a welcome return to previous U.S.-Egyptian relations and as U.S. support for all of the new regime’s actions.

Just last month, a U.S. congressional delegation visited Egypt. Speaking to local media about the transparency of the recent constitutional referendum, the lawmakers said that Egypt is on the right track toward democracy and freedom and that they are pressing to continue U.S.…  Seguir leyendo »

This spring, I participated in the grass-roots “Tamarod” campaign organized to protest the government of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. My group, the April 6 Youth Movement, collected more than 2 million signatures from people seeking to withdraw confidence in Morsi and calling for early presidential elections. I also took part in the June 30 protests of the regime and in most of the activities of the new revolutionary wave. And why not? Morsi and his government failed to serve the people. We gave them our confidence and support, and all we received in return was a coup against the goals of the revolution and a reproduction of Hosni Mubarak’s policies.…  Seguir leyendo »