Ali Al-Isawi

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Libya is undergoing great turmoil at the hands of a brutal regime simply because the Libyan people want to experience what others take for granted: freedom and democracy. Though parts of Libya are secured from Moammar Kadafi's retaliation, these areas remain in desperate need of aid. The world community is holding billions of dollars in Libyan assets in their respective banks. Now is the time to unfreeze those assets, grant the Libyan people some of their own money and alleviate the suffering.

As I write this, Kadafi is systematically trying to destroy all those who dare oppose him. His brigades, by most estimates, have massacred more than 10,000 of their own people, devastated cities, towns and villages such as Misurata and Zawiya and displaced more than 50,000 people to camps in Tunisia and eastern Libya.…  Seguir leyendo »