Allison McCulloch

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A pedestrian walks past a billboard in west Belfast (AFP/Getty Images)

When Northern Ireland’s nationalists and unionists made peace in 1998, a key part of the deal was a power-sharing arrangement to run Northern Ireland’s government. That collapsed 13 months ago, and five rounds of talks have not been enough to bring it back to life. The latest talks ended Feb. 14, when Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster announced her party’s withdrawal. Here’s how Northern Ireland got into this mess, and here is what could happen next.

Northern Ireland’s government collapsed over corruption scandal and cultural conflict

A decade of power-sharing between the unionist DUP and nationalist Sinn Féin fell apart last January when Sinn Féin pulled out, primarily because of a scandal involving a botched renewable heating scheme.…  Seguir leyendo » “Northern Ireland is in crisis because of a squabble over language”