Alyssa Rosenberg

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Iran and the international community are approaching the finish line in negotiations to roll back Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. Even at this late hour, however, American officials are far from unified on Iran policy, with members of Congress communicating deep concern that President Obama’s negotiators will settle for an inadequate deal. Many members of Congress and others are therefore pushing for tough new sanctions that they believe could compel Iran’s capitulation in the next several weeks.

Such a move, however, would be self-defeating. Tougher United States sanctions at this juncture would nearly eliminate Iran’s remaining commerce with Asia and Europe, exacting a significant financial toll on America’s allies in those regions.…  Seguir leyendo »

The announcement of the Pulitzer Prizes yesterday was cause for celebration in our newsroom, but I was grateful to them for another reason. The decision to award the Pulitzer Prize in fiction to Donna Tartt’s “The Goldfinch” gives me the opportunity to revisit that novel, which confounded me so much I found it difficult to write about the book when it was released in October.

The plot of “The Goldfinch” is simple relative to its 784 pages. Thirteen-year-old Theo Decker and his mother visit a museum, only to be caught in a terrorist attack. Theo’s mother is killed, and while Theo is picking his way out of the building, a dying old man urges him to take a painting of a goldfinch, a minor masterpiece.…  Seguir leyendo »