Amelia Frank-Vitale

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Security forces patrol the streets of Tegucigalpa as part of a new operation against gangs in cities and rural areas across Honduras. (Str/AFP/Getty Images)

Since I moved to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in September 2017 to do research for my doctoral dissertation, I’ve accompanied a 16-year-old with three bullet holes in his body to the hospital, only to find that there was no blood for transfusions. I’ve looked in the face of a young mother, anguished over whether she should try to make it the United States, because the gang that she used to be a part of but had left behind wanted to pull her back in. I’ve gotten tearful phone calls from a single mother and her two children, who have been told by a gang that they want her house — and she has nowhere else to go.…  Seguir leyendo »