Amil Khan

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The JF-17 Thunder combat aircraft developed by Pakistan and China. Photo: Getty Images.

Even before Donald Trump’s latest evisceration of Islamabad’s record as an ally, the US–Pakistan relationship was famously rocky. Previous US presidents have made similar threats – and as now, Pakistan has responded by threatening to cosy up further with China. Many in the country would welcome such a break, glad to be rid of what they see as a servile relationship with the US.

But changing sponsor won’t solve Pakistan’s problem. The underlying issue is the state’s chronic inability to fund its defence and foreign policy ambitions.

Counter to the narrative

The military has always been an outsize element of the Pakistani state.…  Seguir leyendo »

What exactly is Pakistan all about? The international media will tell you it's one of the most dangerous places on earth, beset by sectarian warfare and religious extremism. Well-heeled Pakistanis beg to differ. Their country, they say, is made up of an irrepressible population that likes to buy the latest fashions, listen to the latest music and read poetry about mysticism.

In reality, Pakistan is both of those things and many more in between. The country has spent most of its existence ruled by military dictators, but each of them was regularly lampooned in newspaper cartoons. Today, it has a largely rural and conservative society but one of the country's most popular talk show hosts is a Dame Edna-style transvestite.…  Seguir leyendo »