Ammar Abdulhamid

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The United States has closed its embassy in Damascus amid the Syrian ruling junta’s increasingly violent crackdown. As China defends its veto this weekend of a U.N. resolution that might have amounted to nothing more than strong condemnation, the Assad regime, buoyed by continuing Russian and Iranian political and logistical support, including arms shipments, is escalating its murderous rampage. Its goal is to crush the rebellion by brute force; meanwhile, international confusion regarding what can or needs to be done precludes any international effort to protect the protesters.

In Deir Ezzor Province in the northeast, Idlib Province along the border with Turkey and Hama and Homs Provinces in central Syria, loyalist troops travel back and forth between restive communities, taking turns pounding each of them in the hope of snuffing out the rebellious spirit of the inhabitants.…  Seguir leyendo »