Amy Grossman

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The Op-Ed page asked experts on women's health to suggest simple measures to improve the wellbeing of mothers around the world.

1) A BIRTH PILL. An inexpensive medicine could save lives.
By Amy Grossman

2) A DOSE OF CARE. Counseling should be an important part of food aid programs.
By Helen Epstein

3) AN EDUCATION. Make going to school affordable.
By Esther Duflo

4) A SAFER LABOR. Provide clinics with the basics to preform Caesarean deliveries.
By L. Lewis Wall

5) A CUSTOM DRUG. Research to better medicate mothers-to-be.
By Ruth Faden, Anne Drapkin Lyerly and Maggie Little

Every minute, a woman somewhere in the world dies in childbirth or from complications of pregnancy.

But there is an inexpensive medicine that could save a great many of these women’s lives — misoprostol.

Misoprostol is a generic drug originally developed to treat ulcers, but it’s predominately used off-label for obstetrics. When a mother takes it immediately after delivery, it can effectively stop the leading cause of maternal death in most developing countries: postpartum hemorrhage or excessive bleeding. What’s more, it’s an easy-to-take tablet with a long shelf life, so it’s suitable for the vast majority of women who deliver at home, in remote villages, far from skilled medical care.…  Seguir leyendo »