Andrés Martínez

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Hugo Chavez is trying to come to the rescue of his friend and fellow "colonel," Moammar Kadafi. The Venezuelan president has offered to mediate Libya's civil war, and warned against any foreign intervention in support of Libya's opposition, which now controls much of the east of the country, including the port of Benghazi, home of the Hugo Chavez soccer stadium. The Venezuelan government even railed against the move to oust Libya from the United Nations Human Rights Council because of Kadafi's violent crackdown on his own people.

The attempt by Chavez (winner of the Kadafi International Prize for Human Rights in 2004) to play a role in Libya's future is unlikely to amount to more than a Quixotic gambit, though it remains a distinct possibility that Kadafi could find himself a comfortable retirement home in Venezuela (some reports in the British news media already have one of his sons hiding out on Venezuela's Margarita Island).…  Seguir leyendo »