Andrew Gilligan

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In the great jihadi funding bazaar that is the Gulf state of Kuwait, there’s a terror finance option for every pocket, from the private foundations dealing in tens of millions to the more retail end of the market. Give enough for 50 sniper bullets (50 dinars, about £110), promises the al-Qaeda and Islamic State-linked cleric tweeting under the name “jahd bmalk”, and you will earn “silver status”. Donate 100 dinars to buy eight badly needed mortar rounds, and he’ll make you a “gold status donor”.

As the jihadi funders hand out loyalty cards, the West has belatedly realised that some of its supposed friends in the Gulf have been playing the disloyalty card.…  Seguir leyendo »

In the wake of news about Abdul Waheed Majeed, the first British suicide bomber in Syria, the case of a young man from London called Mohammed Hasnath might seem small beer. But it demonstrates the same things: the risk of extremism that this country faces, and the failure, or refusal, of the authorities to tackle it at source.

In February 2011, dozens of stickers appeared across the east London borough of Tower Hamlets, proclaiming it a “gay-free zone” and promising that “verily Allah is severe in punishment” on those who transgressed. From the very start, as this newspaper discovered, the police had clear CCTV pictures of the unidentified culprit, putting up the stickers at a local station.…  Seguir leyendo »