Andrew Green

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Hayford Amponsam and Bismark Osei (third and fourth from left), two community health workers stationed in Abosamso in rural south-central Ghana, gather basic medical information from a family living in the area. Credit Andrew Green

Hayford Amponsam was making his daily rounds in this small town in south-central Ghana when he came across an infant who was dangerously ill. She had bloody diarrhea and had been coughing up thick mucus for days. Her mother had only sought treatment from a nearby traditional healer.

As a member of Ghana’s inaugural class of 20,000 community health workers, or CHWs, Amponsam, who hails from the area, had been trained for such a situation. He suggested they set off for the nearest health clinic immediately. He carried the girl the 10 minutes it took to cover the one-kilometer journey by foot.…  Seguir leyendo »