Andrew McGee

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Cole Burston/Getty Images. A pilot leaving Toronto Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada, April 1, 2020; Air Canada announced it would temporarily lay off over 15,000 employees and reduce activity by up to 90 percent due to Covid-19

BERNALILLO, NEW MEXICO—A few nights ago, I phoned my old friend, Ira Churgin. In 1961, we were ancient history students at the University of Chicago. Ira’s roommate was Bernie Sanders. In October of 1962, we all crowded into Mandel Hall to hear Professor Hans Morgenthau explain the Cuban missile crisis, about to reach its climax. That night, we students walked home together in the dark, wondering if a nuclear war was about to start.

There we were, all age twenty, thinking our lives were about to end. In my course on European history, my professor liked to say that the outbreak of World War I was “the end of history.”…  Seguir leyendo »