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Arot Katikov is the opposite of a thriving western baby. Looking much younger than he is, the boy can't stop crying and vomiting, and he has diarrhoea. On arrival at Lodwar district hospital he is discovered to be suffering from malnutrition and one of its complications, tuberculosis. When Setina, aged 10 months, turns up at the same place, she faints with hunger. Her mother, Ngiupe, grabbed Setina and her brother and ran from their farm near the Ugandan border when Pokot raiders came and stole their cattle and killed their neighbours. Setina's three-year-old brother died on the way to the hospital, and she is now lying in her mother's arms, too weak to lift her head, her eyes glazing over as her mother rocks her to sleep or oblivion.…  Seguir leyendo »

In our interconnected world, the American financial crisis quickly became a worldwide financial crisis. Here are four accounts of how the economic meltdown felt in Europe.

Back To The Blitz

Many Londoners are seething at the subprime-mortgage disaster in America.

Erin Go Bust

In Ireland, we wonder if all that wealth really have vanished so quickly, so comprehensively.

In Gold We Trust

Germans are reacting to the spreading financial crisis with remarkable calm.

The Ice Storm

Icelanders, aghast, have been told that we owe millions of dollars — to whom, we don't know.

If one is willing to wait long enough, the looniest books can come to seem like masterpieces of common sense. For instance, this has been a very good week for Edmund Wilson’s 1963 rant “The Cold War and the Income Tax,” in which Wilson, the great American stylist and Britain-hater, chooses to unload on those who would use his taxes to build nuclear bomb shelters.

Only yesterday I saw a man in a three-piece suit reading Wilson’s tome rather avidly in Regent’s Park. I swear he was nodding, clearly oblivious to the fact that the book in his hands was barking louder than the dogs at his feet.…  Seguir leyendo »