Andrew Rawnsley

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Front National presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in Paris on Friday: ‘Given the track record polling, the forecast that Le Pen will not become France’s president is more alarming than comforting.’ Photograph: Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

In an era in which yesterday’s inconceivable is making a habit of becoming today’s reality, it is perilous to offer firm predictions about the future, but folk carry on doing it all the same. I was recently at a conference about the causes and consequences of Brexit and the Trumpquake where I heard the French participants try to keep everyone calm by expressing confidence that those shattering setbacks to conventional wisdom would not be followed by the election of President Marine Le Pen. France was not America. Two rounds of voting would see the leader of the Front National beaten when it came to the final choice because moderate voters would coalesce behind whoever emerges as her prime competitor.…  Seguir leyendo »