Andy Hayman

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A dozen operators sit transfixed staring at TV monitors in a dingy room at the back of a Heathrow terminal. Protected by thickened glass to shut out the thundering clatter of a rolling conveyor belt laden with line after line of suitcases, they watch for suspicious objects as they pass through their X-ray machine.

But despite their best endeavours, regular screen breaks and close supervision, the odds are stacked against them stopping the breach of security that could lead to an aircraft being blown from the sky.

I would regularly visit Heathrow to see how the security measures planned at Scotland Yard were working when I was the head of the Met’s counter-terrorism operations.…  Seguir leyendo »

With the money markets heaping turmoil upon the Government, it is easy to forget that another crisis threatened to bring down the Prime Minister just a few months ago. The Counter-Terrorism Bill, with its controversial proposal to allow the detention of terror suspects for up to 42 days, returns to the House of Lords this week.

As someone who has been deeply involved in every main counter-terrorism investigation since 2005, I am convinced that we will soon need the power to hold suspects for more than the current limit of 28 days - and that we need to legislate for that power now rather than in the middle of an emergency.…  Seguir leyendo »