Anja Manuel

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Pakistan is awash with a tidal wave of Chinese infrastructure projects.

The small town of Gwadar, for example, was a forgotten end of the earth, filled with dust-colored cinder-block houses that lined trash-strewn streets and ringed by cliffs, desert and the Arabian Sea. Yet this sleepy fishing town has erupted with development over the past few years. A Chinese delegation inaugurated its sparkling new container port in early April, as part of a deal by which China will build and have rights over the port.

China has agreed to spend an extraordinary $46 billion in investment throughout Pakistan, far more than the annual U.S.…  Seguir leyendo »

Tackling Graft in India

Several years ago, I traveled to India as an official for the State Department. The United States government has stringent rules about gifts. The only item I was ever able to accept was a pink plastic alarm clock that wakes one to the loud wail of the Islamic call to prayer. Knowing this, foreign governments generally understand that no shady dealings with American officials are possible.

The midlevel official I met in India’s Ministry of Science and Technology had different ideas. I briefly visited his dilapidated office to discuss Indian-American cooperation on scientific research. After a few minutes, his face lit up.…  Seguir leyendo »