Anjana Ahuja

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Not only is the Italian Reinhold Messner the first climber to have reached the summit of Mount Everest without oxygen, but, after decades mastering the Himalayan terrain, he also declared himself a believer in the Yeti. “They call it a bear with human abilities,” Messner once said of the spellbinding tales told by his Tibetan hosts. “It goes on two legs when it meets people… it’s telling you to go away, or you are a dead man.”

And now it seems that Messner, like other locals and climbers who have long reported strange footprints and fearsome silhouettes in the snowy landscape, is neither misguided nor mad.…  Seguir leyendo »

Of all the sparky ideas for beating malaria, giving mosquitoes a head cold so that they can no longer sniff out their victims must rank among the wackiest. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said yesterday that it would fund the mission with $100,000 and another million if things look promising.

Altogether, Mr Gates has put up $200 million for unorthodox ideas to inspire “a revolution, rather than an evolution, in thinking” to solve the world's health problems.

Now, let's move from “inspire” to the word “strategic” (it sounds dull but that is the point). Lord Drayson, the Science and Innovation Minister, announced in January that instead of spreading cash around lots of research areas, Britain should narrow its focus along more “strategic” lines.…  Seguir leyendo »