Anjuli Fahlberg

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A police officer aims his weapon during a protest after student Gabriel Pereira Alves was killed by a stray bullet on his way to school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Aug. 9. (Leo Correa/AP)

As the fires rage in Brazil’s Amazon, another fire burning in Brazil has received much less attention: the dramatic rise in police brutality against Rio de Janeiro’s “favelas,” or poor neighborhoods, where nearly a quarter of the city’s population resides. Since Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his ally Rio Governor Wilson Witzel took office in January, a record 1,075 Rio de Janeiro residents have been killed by the police, accounting for 40 percent of all violent deaths in metropolitan Rio de Janeiro.

Just this week, a bricklayer was shot in the head by police after being mistaken for a drug trafficker during a policing operation in the Vila Kennedy favela.…  Seguir leyendo »