Anna Gross

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The nuclear power dilemma: where to put the lethal waste

Every morning, Benoit Gannaz places a small black device in his breast pocket to make sure his work is not killing him. Like every worker at the Chooz A nuclear power facility in northern France, he carries a detector that measures ionising radiation levels at all times.

The reactor was turned off more than three decades ago and the most hazardous materials removed soon after, but nobody here is taking any chances — least of all the project manager overseeing the challenging and lengthy process of decommissioning Chooz A. Gannaz’s job is to ensure the remaining hazardous materials on site are removed and stored away safely now that the lifecycle of the reactor is at an end.…  Seguir leyendo »

Back to work: why French workers are resisting the Covid ‘Big Quit’

Aubérie Zaro left her Paris-based Big Four consultancy job in January determined to take some time off to ponder what she really “wanted to do”. After a nine-month pause from the job market, the 30-year-old started looking for a new position. Much to her surprise, she found one that matched her goals within a month.

“I thought with the pandemic all hiring might be frozen, but it was really fast”, she said.

Zaro’s swift and successful job search is one that thousands of French workers have experienced in recent months. As in most developed countries, they have benefited from generous government support for businesses and a sharp economic recovery, which have helped bring the unemployment rate — those out of work but actively searching for jobs — back to pre-pandemic levels of 8 per cent.…  Seguir leyendo »