Anna Lyubimtseva

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Police detain a protester during an opposition rally over the official presidential election results in Minsk, Belarus, on Nov. 8. (AP)

Belarus’s president, Aleksandar Lukashenka — who still clings to power three months after an election he claims to have won, but which most observers are certain he lost — evidently hopes he can win a war of attrition against his country’s entrenched opposition. A remarkably broad coalition of protesters is digging in for a long winter, as they continue to try to deny him the power he seeks. They have already won a crucial battle: Belarusians have tuned out their dictator.

Most Belarusians don’t watch state TV

In a survey of media consumers in Belarus, conducted in late September by King’s College London and Sociolytics, fewer than one-third of respondents said they watch the country’s four state-owned TV stations with any regularity, and 45 percent said they never get any news from TV.…  Seguir leyendo »