Annabelle Lever

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The events of 25 December force us to confront, once again, the question of how the costs of aeroplane security should be distributed among would-be passengers, and what the nature of those costs should be.

Controversy over the use of profiling at airports is charged because what is at issue is not simply who should bear the costs of intrusive, possibly frightening, and generally annoying and disruptive security searches, but how we should rate the badness of such things relatively and absolutely.

So, those who think some forms of religious, ethnic or country-based profiling are justified tend to see the costs of such profiling as relatively slight – a matter of inconvenience and possible embarrassment, but not much more – while opponents tend to stress the ways that people can be humiliated, ostracised and threatened because they are seen as real or incipient terrorists.…  Seguir leyendo »