Aravind Adiga

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Imagine that ten men from a neighbouring country - boys, almost - get on a boat one night, go to London, spray bullets, kill, take hostages and paralyse the nation for nearly three days. During this time the police have no idea what to do. The Government has no idea what to do. Months later, the Foreign Secretary still can't get that country to close the terrorist training camps that still operate with impunity in its territory.

Now it's election time. Would you even think of voting a government like this back into office?

If you're an Indian, you may have little choice but to do just that.…  Seguir leyendo »

My first assignment as a journalist in Bombay was in 2003, when I visited the home of a man accused of planting a bomb that had killed several people a few days earlier at the Gateway of India, the city's most famous landmark. The suspected terrorist lived in a typical Bombay slum, congested, with packed houses that shared walls and windows, and I spent the day quizzing the neighbours, who said they had heard and seen nothing suspicious, even though the police were sure that the man had assembled the bomb at home.

I couldn't help thinking: If the police were right, and this man had built a bomb right here, with all these people noticing nothing, how safe was anyone in the city?…  Seguir leyendo »