Ari Harrow

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New migrants arrive at a refugee camp located in the Austrian city of Salzburg, near the German border, on Oct. 2. (Guenter Schiffmann / AFP/Getty Images)

It is rare that refugees are welcomed with open arms. Yet in parts of Europe, they are literally being greeted with applause. Though Europe's response to the plight of the Middle East's beleaguered masses may be heartwarming, it is also dangerously naive. Among the migrants are inevitably members of Islamic State and Al Qaeda. If Europe wants to help innocent victims, it should focus on extirpating the jihadist groups that are directly responsible for the exodus we are witnessing.

Not since World War II has Europe seen such a stark population shift. Germany is preparing to house a staggering 800,000 refugees from Syria and elsewhere this year, a decision that will surely alter the country's very character.…  Seguir leyendo »