Astrid Nonbo Andersen

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"Decolonize" is written on the base of the statue of missionary Hans Egede, covered in red paint by Greenlandic activists on June 21. © Christian Klindt Soelbeck / Ritzau Scanpix / AFP

On the morning of June 21, Greenland’s National Day, inhabitants in the capital Nuuk woke up to the statue of the missionary Hans Egede painted over with Inuit symbols, red paint on his face and the word “Decolonize” written on the plinth. However, the fate of the statue followed a somewhat different trajectory compared to other colonial statues around the world.

In August, after weeks of very intense public debate in Greenland following the action of activists on National Day, inhabitants in the municipality of which Nuuk is part, took a public vote on the matter and decided - perhaps surprisingly - that the statue should remain in place, towering high over the oldest part of Nuuk, still referred to as The Colonial Harbour.…  Seguir leyendo »