Audrey Jiajia Li

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The entrance gate to the campus of Peking University in Beijing.Credit Roman Pilipey/EPA, via Shutterstock

The central space known as the Triangle at Peking University is a historically important spot. During the Cultural Revolution, the Triangle was where staff members and students mounted “big character” propaganda posters criticizing university administrators as rightists. And it was there in April 1989 that students met to mourn the death of the reformist leader of Communist Party, Hu Yaobang, a gathering that would eventually snowball into the country’s most famous student protests.

So it was significant when posters began showing up on the bulletin board in the Triangle showing solidarity with a Peking University student named Yue Xin.

Ms. Yue was one of eight students who petitioned university officials last month to call for transparency in the investigation of a 20-year-old rape case in which the victim, a 21-year-old student, committed suicide.…  Seguir leyendo »