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Angola is entering the new year with a bang. Facing a struggling economy and fast-approaching elections, President João Lourenço is working to combat rampant corruption in the country.

Angola’s judiciary is prosecuting two of former president José Eduardo dos Santos’s adult children, people once considered untouchable. His son, José Filomeno dos Santos, is accused of embezzling $500 million from the country’s sovereign wealth funds and is standing trial. Meanwhile, the Angolan government kicked off the new year by seizing all of the domestic assets held by Isabel dos Santos, Africa’s wealthiest woman and the former president’s daughter, accusing her of being responsible for the transfer of more than $1 billion from public companies.…  Seguir leyendo »

Angola’s President João Lourenço has been making a great show lately of advocating for free and fair elections in nearby countries. Following a canceled summit in July, Lourenço met with Congo leader Joseph Kabila this week to discuss the upcoming December elections — presumably to encourage Kabila to keep with constitutional term limits and hold to his promise to abstain from running. And Lourenço sent officials to observe Zimbabwe’s July 30 elections, knowing they would be volatile.

So, is Angola a model of electoral democracy? Hardly. Lourenço helms a government with a record of political repression and electoral fraudulence.

Elected in 2017 with the slogan “improve what’s good, correct what’s bad”, Lourenço is the first new president the nation has had in 38 years.…  Seguir leyendo »