Aziz Ahmad

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As the fighting is coming to an end West Mosul is slowly coming back to life. Schools in the south western part has been open since beginning of July, but as many schools have been destroyed during the conflict the remaining is trying to cope with a huge influx of students, while experiencing a shortage of just about everything. A Daesh flag still visible on the wall. West Mosul, Iraq, 27 July 2017 (Photo by Noe Falk Nielsen/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Inside a prison in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, vanquished Islamic State fighters who once swept through much of the country now mill about sullenly on a bare, tiled floor, reflecting on a cause they insist will endure. Many spend hours in fierce debate, apparently undeterred by their movement’s apparent military defeat. Their cause, they say, remains divinely ordained. Their capture incidental. “Hathi iradet Allah,” they say. This is God’s will.

A Kurdish guard called for a captive, whom I will call Abu Samya—a brooding Baghdad resident kidnapped first by the Islamic State’s forerunner group, al-Qaeda in Iraq, and later by Shia death squads as sectarian lines hardened in 2006–2007.…  Seguir leyendo »