Benjamin R. Teitelbaum

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Sweden’s message to migrants in Europe is clear: Don’t come here. “Even we have our limits, and now they have been reached,” a defeated-sounding migration minister, Morgan Johansson, explained during a press conference on Nov. 5. “Those who come to our borders may be told that we cannot guarantee them housing.”

That message, nailed down this week when the government announced that Sweden was reintroducing border controls, was a sudden shift from an administration that had claimed there were “no limits” to the number of refugees it could accept. The reversal testifies not only to intensifying challenges Sweden faces abroad, but also to the dysfunctional nature of its immigration debate at home.…  Seguir leyendo »

“I’m ashamed of my country,” a member of Sweden’s Liberal People’s Party told reporters in a shivering voice during a broadcast on Sweden’s TV4 on Sunday, as she reacted to the results of national elections. After eight years in power, her party’s center-right bloc had been swept out in favor of a left-wing coalition built around the Social Democrats. But her party’s loss and the power shift from right to left were not what caused her outrage. It was a rise in support for a far-right party that is both undermining Sweden’s reputation for tolerance and testing its commitment to democratic process.…  Seguir leyendo »