Beppe Severgnini

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The Italian republic is 70 years old, like the Vegas Strip and Donald J. Trump — and just as unpredictable.

In 1946 the Italians, in a passionate referendum, got rid of the monarchy. In 2016, again after a record turnout — 69 percent — their children and grandchildren fired Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, 41, and his government, the 63rd in those 70 years. Almost 60 percent of voters rejected the radical changes Mr. Renzi had proposed to the Constitution, which were largely aimed at streamlining the Italian government to make way for deep economic reforms.

Italy’s youngest-ever prime minister spoke just after midnight, his wife, Agnese, at his side.…  Seguir leyendo »

My son Antonio just turned 21 years old, and I’m worried. Not only is his generation of young Italians grappling with the longest economic slump in modern times, but they also have to deal with us, their fathers and mothers.

I’ve taken to calling us the Generazione Pitone, the Python Generation. We refuse to give ground, and instead slither forward and ingest everything in our path. We have stamina. We are selfish. We have a soundtrack (that’s why Bruce Springsteen is still touring). And now that we’re getting old and retiring, we cost plenty.

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